Vegetarian for 30 Days

Isn’t it funny how an idea can snowball into something very real, especially between friends?  Sometimes those ideas can turn into something more along the lines of a friendly wager.  You may not even be sure how that wager really happened, yet there you are claiming you can do something, you never really wanted to do.  And that is where I found myself a long while back when discussing my love of eating meat.  Truly, in my mind you can keep your chocolates and other sweets and give me fine stinky cheeses and cased and cured meats.

Some how, to throw comments from my friends back in their face, I accepted a bet to go completely vegetarian for 30 days.  Not vegan, eggs and cheese were allowed, but no steak or fish or chicken.  I was all for it, especially since I had grown up with a vegetarian mother so I was fully aware of some of the types of things I would have to subsist on for a bit more than a couple of fortnights.

Overall it went rather well to a point.  I did not injest any meat for the full thirty days with the exception of one little mistake that ended up costing me the wager.  During the last week of my vegetarian life, we ordered some pizza’s and a mushroom calzone from our local pizzaria.  I happily started carving up my calzone and slipped the first bite in my mouth, chewing away on my healthy vegetarian meal.  That is when I noticed that my mushroom calzone tasted quite like pepperoni.  Upon further inspection, it was indeed a piece of pepporoni that, not to be too graphic, I promptly ejected from my mouth.

In the end, I owned up to this happening to my friends, and the stakeholders decided to make the wager invalid so there were no losers and no winners.  I still persisted and did the full 30 days without any other interactions with meat, but the decision to invalidate the results stood.

All that said, I am again considering a 30 day vegetarian challenge.  This time however, it is self imposed with no wager, and no judges.  This time, I am considering it for health reasons.  No, I don’t believe I have to go all veggie-saurus in order to lose weight and get healthy.  The real reason is it will force me to come up and find veggie based recipes that I can use to change my overall diet and introduce more vegetables to my more chicken and fish focused diet.  We shall see.  Life is a bit busy right now, so I am thinking I may undertake this in March or April.  This gives me time to start pulling together these recipes.

Have you ever gone vegetarian?  What did you do to avoid the horrible fake meat products that are on the market today?


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        1. Makes sense, thanks. I just had my wife buy a box of quinoa because of a Jamie Oliver recipe I saw, and I grew up eating all kinds of legumes so these are things I can easily fit in my diet.

    1. Thanks!

      It was indeed ejected. Imagine, I actually wasted a fine piece of pepperoni to remain true to the bet and because of the possibility of meat having been consumed they nullified the wager.

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