Thinking About Ink

This photo is of a tattoo shop in Orlando, Florida that I really have no connection too other than grabbing this shot as I was doing a photowalk near downtown a couple of years ago. At that time, I wasn’t necessarily thinking about getting a tattoo then, although, the thought had crossed my mind several years earlier.  In fact, I had somewhat seriously said that I would get a tattoo on my right arm at the age of 30, and then one on my left at the age of 60. 

This never really materialize, although I am grown to appreciate the art form more now than ever. The idea of getting a tattoo is more a matter of being able to justify the $1500-$2000 that I am estimating it will cost to get done what I want, than it is a question of do I want one. I know I am going to get a tattoo, but at this point it will probably happen after the kids are out and on their own. What I do know is, there will be nothing in my tattoo’s that doesn’t have some connection to my life. I know that sounds cliché, but I won’t put something on my body unless I can tie it back to some meaning in my life.

Have you ever considered getting some ink?

Image Credit: Demian Seiler


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