Rockets Into Space X

It is no secret that I would love to move away from Florida to some place that is cooler, more mountainous, and maybe even has a ski season.  The beach is nice and all, but I really only like the beach in the early morning and in the evening.  The ground is too flat, and the lakes stink from the annual lake growth dying off.  And then the worst part of Florida.  The heat.  It is oppressive, and seems to last for ages.  Someday I will leave this humid home of the swamp and reptiles and go north. All that said, there are some seriously fantastic things about Florida that will keep me coming back for vacations once I do manage to escape it’s gravity.

First the big, obvious one.  I wouldn’t say my family and I are Disney fanatics, but both my wife and I grew up visiting the parks and absolutely love visiting them regularly.  We are so thankful that a Florida resident annual pass is semi-affordable and tend to buy them every other year or so.  And the beaches in places like Anna Maria Island or the Florida Keys, are just unbeatable when combined with a sunset, a great meal, and some nice cool beverages.  Or maybe a sunrise an empty shoreline and a fishing pole.

There are many other reasons I will always love visiting this state during the more temperate times of the year.  And one of my favorites is that we have Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center.  If you follow me on Twitter you will often see me retweeting or posting items of interest about our journeys into space.  Particularly when it combines my belief in the engine of capitalism and the growth of space travel as we see with companies like SpaceX getting us back in space.  I enjoy this so much so, that on the morning of Saturday, January 10th, 2014 at 4:47 AM you could find me in the dark standing on the shore of the Banana River awaiting the launch of latest Falcon 9 rocket to launch.  I wasn’t alone.  I was with my youngest son and a couple of friends from work who also were crazy enough to get up at 2:45 am so we could get out to the Cape in time.

Launch conditions looked good the morning of, so we hit the road and I captured the following video.



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Crafted with love using:Crafted with love, using Desk!

2 Replies to “Rockets Into Space X”

  1. Anna Maria Island, the Keys … You have me nostalgic for Florida. I grew up there, ages 9 to 18 or so. Don’t mind the heat, not after living in Texas, but do miss the beaches. Although they say you can never go back. A lot has changed there.

    1. I grew up in and around Orlando from about the age of 4 on. I do recognize the beauty of Florida, but am truly built for a much cooler climate with a more varied terrain. I really am happiest sitting next to a stream in the mountains with nothing but my thoughts.

      That said, Florida has so much to offer for vacation, even outside of the normal well known tourist stops.

      I am not sure where you grew up in Florida, or how long it has been, but I do agree, it is very hard to go back again. Things have changed so dramatically over the last 30+ years for me here.

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