No Hanger Queens

This image depicts my ideas of how a fine automobile should be owned. I have always hated  the idea of an amazing car that only sits in a garage somewhere, never driven as they were meant to be. In fact, I have always promised myself, that I would never, ever own a hanger queen no matter how nice my car may eventually be. For this post, I went ahead and looked up exactly what hangar queen meant, and I guess it isn’t exactly what I use it for, but I still like my use of the term.

A little more detail about this image I found on Flickr. This is an image of a 1954 Porsche 356 1500 Speedster being run in the Mille Miglia. An invite only road rally that is run through various parts of Italy. One of my dreams would one day be able to roll in this rally.

One of the reasons why, is exactly what this photo represents. It represents an amazing work of art and engineering that should be appreciated as the finest works of art, and experienced interactively as a feat of modern engineering. It should not be shunned away into a collectors garage, never to be seen by anyone else.

Some day I do hope to buy an old late 50’s era Porsche 356 and restore it myself. This is something that can literally take 3-5 or more years to do yourself, with a hefty investment. And I can promise you, even after all that time and money spent, it won’t sit in a garage and be wiped down with diaper. It will be driven, and driven regularly. There will be no hangar queens in my life.

What are some of your favorite classic cars?


Image Credit: Mirko Zammarchi


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