Wanting To Love Google Glass

It has been about year since I purchased my Google Glass, and I thought maybe I would provide a bit of an update.  I recall when Google Glass was announced I was very keen to try it out.  I mean, what self respecting geek hasn’t wanted to have a computer on their face.  My main problem was, the price they were selling it for.  It was a very steep price indeed and one I took a very long time to work up to shelling out.  Other issues I had, also had to do, with the technology itself.  While I did have an Android phone as a development phone, it wasn’t my daily driver, and I wasn’t sure Android itself was something I wanted to jump in to.

During the process of slowly working towards believing enough in the product to make the investment, I ran across communities dedicated to it and media created giving me an idea as to what life was like with Glass.  This video circulated for a while and I was hooked at the prosepect of it.

The final decision was made after one of the guys at work became a Google Glass Explorer and I actually got to try them out.  Yes, it was flawed, yes it was expensive, and yes, I had my doubts about the public acceptance of it.  But once I tried it, I had to get in and start looking at doing some development for it.  So, I managed to acquire an invite through someone being generous with their allowed invites and jumped in both feet.

At first all was kinda well.  I thought due to how the Google Glass frames had been designed I could let them ride on top of my existing no frame lenses, but it really didn’t work out very well.  Thankfully, they came out with some frames and BOOM, I had prescription lenses made for Google Glass.

I wore them pretty much everywhere for many months, recording the happenings of my life and using it to enhance my online experience.  Then something happened that really derailed me.  Well two things actually.

Firstly, there became so much negative press about them that I started getting concerned that someone would come up and poke me in the nose for wearing them.  Secondly, I was quietly told, that my employer was passing a new rule stating I could no longer wear them.  This was all despite me talking with our corporate attorneys to dispell myths and answer questions about Glass.  I really thought I had convinced them it was no more of a concern than our cell phones.  No dice.

So, it has been many moons since I have worn Glass regularly and I am keen to wear them again.  So many people are able to document their life and enhance their digital world with it, I am sad that I am not doing the same.  This is particularly true after seeing the ocmmunity out documenting amazing hikes and parties with friends and family.  Google sees this too as they provided a gift of many of the Glass Explorers videos from 2014.

So, I want to love Google Glass, and I guess I really honestly do.  I just feel like beacuse I am always at the office, and never seem to go out to do anything fun, I never get to wear it.  I am thinking that this needs to change.  I am seriously on the verge of deciding to make every effort to wear it everywhere but work.  And maybe, just maybe, a few small apps. I just don’t want it to become another Apple Newton.


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  1. You had a friend who wanted to try it while they were visiting you I hear…but you lost the little screw driver to remove it from your prescription lenses. Sigh….HAHA! In all seriousness what if you posted a picture from glass each day to your blog? It could be something as simple as here is where I am or here is what I am doing. It would not take that much effort if you were wearing glass more. Just a suggestion.

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