Yet Another Social App Idea

About once a week or so I am usually out searching domain names just to see what is out there.  So, as I sat around searching for domain names this evening I ran across one that was actually available with the .com TLD (Top Level Domain) and it was pretty good if you were looking for a particle physics type of site/blog/thing.  In other cases I have found cool domains using some of the country code TLD and found some pretty cool domain names that way.  I admit domains with the .com TLD are becoming more scarce, but there are still many quality urls to be had out there.  So it occurred to me if we could somehow keep domain squatters at bay, a social registrar so to speak could be a cool site idea.  What do you think?


The blog is active, just having a makeover

You may notice some issues here and there with my blog layout and styling, and I want to apologize for it now.  Not that I have any regular visitors yet, but just know that this is not the normal state of my blog, just  a temporary state of transition to something I hope in the end will be better.

~Demian Shipping is FAST for Photography Equipment!!!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!!!

This just in…..

The world is shrinking! The world is shrinking! Wait a moment…. It isn’t shrinking?  Ok, well it certainly seems to be based on how fast I just received my new Hoya 77mm UV filters from On Monday, August 2nd I realized that I had forgotten to purchase 2 new lens filters for my Nikon 28-70mm f/2.8 AF-S and my Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR which I was planning on lugging along on my trip to Boston later that week. The problem was, I was leaving on a 07:00 AM flight on Jetblue just two days later on Thursday, August 4th and none of my local camera shops had what I was looking for. What was I to do, I wondered to myself.

Enter stage left. Not to be denied, I dashed forth to my computer and was briskly whisked away to where my search results bore some fruit. I found a great deal on a Hoya 77mm UV (Ultra Violet) Multi Coated Glass Filter. After adding it to my cart I noticed that Amazon said I could have it shipped to my house by the next day. Certainly this can’t be true, I said to my wife, But assured me that if I ordered within the next few hours (it was already well after lunch), I was guaranteed to have my new Hoya 77mm UV filters in my hands by the next day.

The Catch. There must be a catch, there is ALWAYS a catch. I knew what the catch would be, I knew… You know… The shipping was going to be insanely expensive. Like through the roof insane. Undeterred and in a flash I had added 2 of the Hoya 77mm UV filters to my cart and was heading off to checkout in the hopes that the shipping total wouldn’t make me toss my cookies (read that as a really bad browser cookie pun). In the checkout screen I selected next day shipping, still guaranteed to get to me by the next day, and oh my was the cost not cheap. But the more I thought about it, it was cheaper than I expected by almost half. To overnight two Hoya 77mm UV filters for my Nikkor lenses when the order isn’t placed until almost close of business east cost time, and only charge just this side of $18 (USD)..?  Needless to say I pulled the trigger and sure enough the Amazon supplier, Kellards Photo & Electronics, had it packaged and shipped within hours. I happened to work from home the next day, sick as a dog mind you, and shortly before lunch the big brown truck (UPS for those who don’t know) pulls up and drops off my new Hoya 77mm UV filters.

I know, I know, what is the big deal you may ask. Well, of course I knew about overnight shipping, but when I am dealing with a second hand reseller via or ANY site for that matter I don’t have a high level of trust in the shipping and handling process. In the end I got my new filters on time and had a good trip to Boston, MA. Maybe I am making a bigger deal of this than need be, maybe I could have just written a little blurb saying, Use overnight shipping!!!  But I felt it deserved more. In this world it is hard to find service that truly surprises you in a good way the way did for me.  So next time you are in need of a quick shipment of that new Nikon D700 you just bought, you can trust that will get it too you super fast!


At the starting gate…

Come one! Come all! To the greatest spectacle known to man.  Come see the blogging, photography, software writing, freak guy…  Or something like that.  Hey, what am I supposed to put in a first post of a blog?  This is officially my first post of my blog found at  You should visit that link sometime…..

Ok, well as you may notice I can’t really call this my first post since you obviously see there are others below.  It IS however my first post at my new home here at, and all of the other posts prior to this are from a previous blog that I used to grind on.  I am finally committing to creating what I wanted to create years ago which is a blog that I can update with my photography, my code, and a couple of articles a week that aim to help the technology world out.

The plan here is to post for myself and for anyone else that my painfully learned life lessons can help.  Once I get everything setup on this site I will be writing two articles a week that are aimed at either helping someone through a problem, reviewing something like iphones or cameras or code, or highlighting something that would be useful to someone.

So, sit back and relax…
As I am just starting back up it may take me a few weeks to get into a proper rhythm, but give me time.  This should be one heck of a ride.  Stay tuned as there is MUCH more to come.

Demian Seiler

So this Blue Screen of Death…thing.

It is time to let this one go. It just doesn’t happen anymore. Honestly since Windows XP came out in 2001 I have managed to incur the dread BSOD maybe 4 times. Of these 4 occurrences I would say I have gotten a BSOD once if at all after Windows XP Service Pack 2 came out. Realize I am not saying it doesn’t still occur at all, but it is so rare now, and when it does occur you have to either be doing something truly off the wall or have a machine that has fallen into a seriously poor state of repair.

I am not just a regular schmo checking email and surfing a few websites. I maintain many Windows PC’s, Windows Servers, Linux Servers, and even a couple of Macs. I do check email and surf the web obviously, but I also code with ASP, .Net, Java, WebObjects, SQL, etc… I work on Windows XP machines all day long and then come home and use them as well as my new Macbook Pro. I have been using Windows since Windows 3.1 and I have to say it is only getting better. Of course there are things I hate about the OS, such as the new DRM changes Microsoft has put in Vista.

Enough already! I am not trying to get into a holy war.

As I have said before, I am not a fan boy of one technology. I choose the best of everything and make every attempt to mash it all up. I suggest more people stop playing politics with their choices and start making informed decisions for the need.

Sorry for the rant…


The "Switch" is on.

First let me say that I am in no way a fanboy for any one platform. I am the type of person who attempts to pull the best from every option. I love the Apple hardware and at this point even some of their software. I see the advantages of many of the Microsoft products. I embrace the free world of Linux. Yes, it is true, I want to have my cake and eat it too.

Isn’t this how we should all be to some degree though. Why settle for one method, implementation, or product when the capability to aggregate some, if not all, the positives offered by companies exists. Obviously in the past this hasn’t always been possible, but since the first trash-80, technology has trended to convergence. Mobile phone/PDA/MP3 Player/Video Player devices exist today. Some are more mature in the convergence walk than others, but the trend continues.

Generally speaking, I believe the everyday consumer wants convergence and standards for technology. They do not care about Mac vs. PC or iPod vs. Zen. They just want something that works. They do not want to carry multiple devices. They just do not care about the battle lines between competitors. You will not see the general public wearing Microsoft Shirts or Hats as if it were their favorite sports team or preferred automaker. There is no loyalty here. It just has to work and work for everyone.

An example; My in-laws are nothing but Apple users. They aren’t musicians, photographers, or directors. The Mac is used by all of them because one of them, my wifes uncle, is a Appleholic. He has been a mega Mac guy forever, possibly all the way back to when apple introduced the world to “Lisa”. My household on the other hand has been 85% Microsoft and 15% Linux. On occasion one of my in-laws will send a file to my wife in a format that is not native to Windows world. She of course has a problem opening this file and then complains to me about it. She, in this instance representing the general public, not only doesn’t care about Mac vs. Windows vs. Linux, she is actually upset by the lack of integration. She wants convergence! Incidentally, I want convergence as well so she will stop yelling at me when she can’t open a file.

So that brings us up to the here and now…

I have purchased a 17” Macbook Pro and so far, so good. I will be using this for most of my day to day non-work related activities. Things such as emailing, surfing, blogging, netcasting, communicating, photo editing, video editing , audio editing, and maybe some j2ee development will be the order of the day.

My primary goal is to document my adventures in “Switching” to the Mac as my primary machine where it makes sense. I have no plans to leave Windows or Linux behind. As I said, I want my cake and I want to eat it too. I am planning to have a netcast to accompany this blog. If all goes well the first netcast will be up in a week or less. In both of these mediums I will be highlighting tips, trick, processes that are new to me and that I find useful as well as any interesting news that comes out about tech and my Mac.

Good Luck,


I couldn’t resist…

Congratulations me! I am now the proud owner of a 17″ Macbook Pro. More specifically I am the proud owner of a 17″ Macbook Pro running Vista like a champ! I don’t mean to brag, but the Vista Experience Index is a smooth 4.7.

And once I update my Macbook Pro to a perfectly plump 3Gigs that score should jump to 4.9. What does this mean? Well in short it means I have no problems running Vista with Aero Glass.

I am truly impressed with this setup and I am still only running the Windows XP drivers for this setup. I would imagine once Leopard comes out with the new version of Bootcamp they will have drivers for Vista that will make this matchup work even better.

More later



Laptop Decisions – Dell, HP, Lenovo, or Macbook Pro? (Part 1)

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON MY techstreet blog on 2/6/2007


A few years ago, I was lured into purchasing a 15.4″ titanium Powerbook. The sleek and sexy looks, Unix based micro-kernel, and the promise of a smooth running Windows environment by way of Virtual PC beguiled me into purchasing Apple Computers mobile Ferrari.

So, why *dramatic pause* is the latest Apple Ferrari, the Macbook Pro, topping my laptop candidate list. Call me crazy, but it is hard to argue with the following stats:

  1. Processor and memory

    2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4MB on-chip shared L2 cache running 1:1 with processor speed

    2GB (two SO-DIMMs) of PC2-5300 (667MHz) DDR2 memory; two SO-DIMM slots support up to 3GB

    667MHz frontside bus

  2. Display 17-inch (diagonal) TFT display, support for millions of colors; optional glossy widescreen displaySupported resolutions: 1680 by 1050 (native), 1280 by 800, 1152 by 720, 1024 by 640, and 800 by 500 at 16:10 aspect ratio; 1280 by 1024 at 5:4 aspect ratio; 1280 by 1024 at 5:4 aspect ratio stretched; 1024 by 768, 800 by 600, and 640 by 480 at 4:3 aspect ratio; 1024 by 768, 800 by 600, and 640 by 480 at 4:3 aspect ratio stretched; 720 by 480 at 3:2 aspect ratio; 720 by 480 at 3:2 aspect ratio stretched
  3. Video and graphics supportATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics processor, dual -ink DVI support, 256MB of GDDR3 SDRAM.

And so on ad so forth…

You get the idea. And if not, feel free to visit the Apple website for more information on the 17″ Macbook Pro.

There are some cons to the Macbook Pro. The lack of an HDMI port would be one. The fact that the 160Gb SATA HDD is only 5400 RPM would be another. There are problems with the batteries overheating and warping the actual chassis of the Macbook Pro.

Then there are problems not so much with the Macbook Pro itself but more with when I plan to purchase. For example, at this time these machines do not come with a blue-ray or HD-DVD drive. They may within the next 6 months. Also, the new version of the OS is due out this spring, and I am sure I will not get a free upgrade coupon.

So, to finish the story of my first and only Apple Powerbook:

While I loved the look of the machine, I found the OS to hang frequently and that the G4 processor was not all it was cracked up to be. Since I work in a mostly MS Windows shop I had to run Windows 2000, and while technically I ran Windows 2000 in virtual PC, the performance just wasn’t there. In the end I sold the Powerbook on ebay and chalked it up to a lesson learned.


Why would I look to go down this route again? Why would I stick my hand in the fire a second time while I am still nursing the burn wounds from the first attempt?

  1. Three words “Core 2 duo”. (Ok, two words and a number)
  2. Even sexier chassis design with slick new features like the iSight camera
  3. Here is the biggie… The ability to natively boot Windows XP and now Windows VISTA
  4. The reviews are in and are almost all VERY positive on this machine. Some go so far to say that this is the most VISTA ready laptop on the market.
  5. 17″ screen running at 1440 by 900 (Love my Real Estate)
  6. You can opt for a 100Gb SATA HDD that spins at 7200RPM to replacethe 160Gb 5400 RPM SATA DRIVE.


Need to get a few questions answered. Let’s create the list shall we?

  1. Will the Macbook Pros have Blue-Ray and/or HD-DVD in the foreseeable future?
  2. When the next version of OSX is delivered this spring, what is the cost to upgrade?
  3. Can I triple boot with OSX, Vista, and a Linux Distro?
  4. Has the battery explosion issue been taken care of?And lastly
  5. Do I get my own “Switcher” commercial when I purchase an Apple computer?

I will keep you posted on my progress. I think my next bit of research will be on an HP laptop that I have been hearing about.