Hello and welcome to the first version of my about page.  My full name is Rudolph Demian Seiler.  I have always gone by my middle name, “Demian” because that is what my mother wanted.  She says because Rudolph was a family name, Demian was easier to get my attention with so manyRudolphs around, but I suspect she didn’t favor Rudolph as much and wanted a reason to call me Demian.  I have tried to switch back to people calling me Rudy, but not even my own wife will call me anything but Demian.  So that is who I am.

As I mentioned, I am have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost twenty years, and we are more in love than we have ever been.  I have 3 amazing children, with two in high school and one starting college in the spring.  While very busy we have an amazing life and it only gets better.

I am a Java web developer by day, and am starting to enter the freelance WordPress developer world at the start of 2015.  I love working with backend technologies, but am currently working on bettering my skills with front end stuffs like AngularJS and more advanced HTML5 and CSS3.

My hobbies are many, but frequently include a passion for photography.  Cars are also a passion that as I get older I hope to be able to enjoy a bit more.

I am starting to work through an “About Me” series.  Start with the first and keep on going.

  1. Cars are my thing
  2. Sports and Me

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